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What sets us apart is, without question, our commitment. It’s a commitment to provide excellence. That commitment directs everything we do. We are a boutique butcher. We offer you helpful service, hand sourced products, expert food advice and friendliness. Old fashioned interest in your needs. We will remember that you like double cut lamb chops. We might suggest that you slow roast a Berkshire pork belly.

Our meats are all - and always - of the highest calibre. Terry Wright has been in the industry for more than 50 years. By now, he is rather good at what he does. He is also rather known for that. He regularly reports on current trends and is asked to offer his insights on television and radio.

Of course our Wagyu is scored the highest gradings. Our sausages are no less spectacular. That is what gourmet butcher means when you commit to it. Ask and you will receive is our credo. Test us. We really are here to serve.

Terry Wright’s roots stretch deep into Sydney’s history, with a great grandfather who drove hansom cabs through the city’s colonial by-ways. In the late 19th century, his father, George Frederick Wright, was one of many who took up the meat trade, running shops across the suburbs in Maroubra, Drummoyne, Balmain and Randwick. These were the days of ice houses, cool rooms and carcases hung in the open air, attended by boys waving swatches of gum leaves to keep off the flies.



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A seven year aged Spanish ham goes on sale at Terry Wright's Meats for $5,000
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