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Terry Wright's Expert Tips: BBQ

Use quality meat. It may be just a barbie, but every barbie can be a low fat, flavourful and tender meat-as-hero treat.

Don’t overfill your barbecue. You’ll reduce its heat, which will make the meat stew rather than grill with the juices retained within the meat.

If using the grill bars, leave space around each piece of meat to allow the smoky aromas to surround and permeate.

To achieve a good caramelised crust when using the plate, make sure that the plate is searingly hot before you place the meat on it. (Use water droplets to test. They should evaporate immediately). Maintain plate temperature throughout cooking by placing meat sparsely across it.

Exercise patience. Don’t prod, pierce, turn or press your meat every few seconds. Let it be. Leave it alone to sear well and retain its moistness. Turn once, with tongs.

You know to oil your meat, not the grill bars or plate, don’t you? Never drizzle extra oil onto meat while on the barbecue. It may cause a flame flare up.


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